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 Radiology and Web 2.0

Welcome Imaging Professionals

These pages are dedicated to all imaging professionals in search of research, and resource links on our profession as radiologic technologist's, radiologist's and radiology students. Hello, my name is Dave Woeber, I'm a retired registered radiologic and CT technologist. I've been in the profession for 44 year's now. My interest in the internet started in the early eighties and I have searched the web for about that many years looking for good resources on radiology. In 1996, I decided to make a web page  for the imaging technologist's and radiologist's  in the Tri-State area of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This process has lead me to this new site, designed in February 2006.   I continually work to find the newest radiology sites in all modalities and specialties!   Imaging professionals you'll find something here on almost any subject in the imaging field!! I have tried to make this site easy to navigate, and your comments are always welcomed.

Top Research and Resource Radiology Sites:

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  • 3D Volumetrics We offer leading edge quality 3D medical imaging services for hospitals and imaging centers.
    Our 3D Lab provides 3d reconstruction services for CT and MRI images.
    These images help pre-surgery planning and aid diagnosis, replacing invasive methods still in use due to the lack of access to state of the art technologies.
    Our service provides support to the entire medical imaging lifecycle, from data acquisition to interpretation.
  • ACR Website
    Welcome to the American College of Radiology, the nation’s leading organization representing radiologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, and medical physicists. For more than 80 years the ACR has been health care’s recognized leader in all facets of radiology, offering its members valuable information and resources in the critical areas of education, research, and advocacy to advance the profession and ensure the highest quality of radiological care for patients.
  • ACR Case In Point 
    ACR Case In Point,  American College of Radiology. 
    Now you can sharpen your diagnostic skills while you enjoy the challenge of an interactive learning experience. You can now earn valuable CME Credits for the ACR’s popular online learning tool, Case in Point. You'll have an opportunity to claim CME on the last page of each case.
  • Advance for Healthcare Careers 
    Advance for Healthcare Careers, Tech and Radiation Therapy Jobs. Find radiation therapist, sonographers, radiographer, radiation therapy job openings.

  • AHRA  
    American Healthcare Radiology Administrators - ARHA
    ,  is a resource and catalyst for development of professional leadership in imaging sciences.
  • Architecture for Radiology, LLP
    Architecture for Radiology, LLPwas founded in 1994, as an architecture and project management firm to serve the needs of the radiology industry, including: diagnostic imaging centers , health care institutions, radiologists, manufacturers and radiology departments within hospitals. The firm is based in New York City, and has unparalleled global experience in radiology facility design, radiology architecture, radiology equipment planning and radiology construction.
  • Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences 
     Association of Educators in Radiological,
    The goal of the Association of Educators in Radiological Sciences, Inc. (AERS) is to meet the needs of the educator in radiological sciences.
  • Auntminnie
    AUNTMINNIE, AuntMinnie.com is the largest and most comprehensive community Web site for medical imaging professionals worldwide. Radiologists, technologists, administrators, and industry professionals can find information and conduct e-commerce in MRI, mammography, ultrasound, x-ray, CT, nuclear medicine, PACS, and other imaging disciplines.
  • ARRT
    The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists - ARRT®, The ARRT is the world's largest credentialing organization that seeks to ensure high quality patient care in radiologic technology. We test and certify technologists and administer continuing education and ethics requirements for their annual registration.
  • ARDMS 
    American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography - ARDMS®
    , American Registry For Diagnostic Medical Sonography.
  • ASRT
    American Society of Radiologic Technologists - ASRT©, American Society of Radiologic Technologists CE News Research for R.T.s Radiographers Medical Imaging Professionals Radiation Therapists Radiography Therapy Technology Rad Tech Jobs Continuing Education Development Quality Patient CARE ASRT Radiologist Assistant Student Educator Programs Tools CEUs, Radiology news, continuing education online, CEU, career help, professional development, licensing, regulation, government relations, patient information, recruitment, retention.
  • Annotate
    Annotate.org, A free and interactive annotation and image editing program. Create your own academic and scientific presentations and teaching files.
  • Brown Inc. Badges and Pins
    BROWN INC (Badges),  For the Recognition Everyone Deserves... Give Appreciation Pins, Key holders, and Gem Pens! * Customized FREE with your wording.
    Home of the Certification Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants,
    Within this website you will find the most up-to-date information regarding the educational, professional and certification practices of the Radiology Practitioner Assistant.
  • Chest Radiology
    Chest Radiology, Learn the chest anatomy the easy way.
    CTISUS,  Cutting edge information on body CT (Computed tomography) including a 3D vascular atlas with volume rendering, spiral CT protocols, teaching files, and case of the week.
  • Daves Places In Radiology Links Page
    Dave's Radiology Links Page,  An extensive list of pertinent Radiology Sites in the U.S. and around the globe by category, from Dave's Places In Radiology©.
  • Daves Places In Radiology Mammograpghy Page
    Dave's Mammography Links

  • Delusional Radiology
    Delusional Radiology Welcome to Delusional Radiology. This site has been established by papa bear, for the means of properly educating people about medical radiology. Too many people have looked at getting into the radiology field, and many times looked within the field for advancement, and received incorrect or inaccurate information. This is one of my ways of helping people in the field achieve what they want to achieve, in the correct manner.
  • Dictionary of Radiology Words
    Dictionary of Radiology Words
    Comprehensive Glossary of Radiology Terminology from Radiology Students.
  • Health Imaging Hub
    Health Imaging Hub, Health Imaging Hub was initiated by radiologists, health imaging technologists, and internet media experts to promote Health Imaging & IT Globally with an emphasis of regional coverage. Today Health Imaging Hub is providing information breakdown to the main five regions Middle East, Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific & Europe. The news can also be categorized and searched by the country as well.

    GFR Calculator (MDRD Formula)
  • GFR Calculator (MDRD Formula)

  • imagingBiz
    imagingBiz - An electronic monthly journal for leaders in medical imaging services.
  • Imaging On Call
    Imaging On Call, Imaging On Call (IOC) is a U.S based Teleradiology provider, IOC provides Teleradiology Solutions packages for Nighthawk Teleradiology Services. Teleradiology Solutions include preliminary reads, final reads, subspecialty reads, stroke study coverage, overflow and vacation coverage. For more information visit
    Imaging On Call.
  • Ingenix Consulting
    Health Care Articles, White Papers, Case Studies - IngenixConsulting.com These articles are written by recognized industry experts from Ingenix and Ingenix Consulting on topics such as the impact of the ARRA Stimulus act on health care; health care reform; HIPAA, ICD-10 and other healthcare regulation; public health; and more. Ingenix and Ingenix Consulting are members of the United HealthCare family of companies with extensive experience in the health care industry.
    International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists, The ISRRT is an organization composed of seventy-one national radiographic societies from sixty-eight countries representing more than 200,000 radiographers and radiological technologists. It was formed in 1959 to act as a link between radiographers and radiological technologists throughout the world.
    Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology©, The JRCERT promotes excellence in education and enhances quality and safety of patient care through the accreditation of educational programs. The only agency recognized by the United States Department of Education to accredit educational programs in radiography and radiation therapy, the JRCERT accredits educational programs in radiography and radiation therapy and in the related disciplines of magnetic resonance and medical dosimetry.
  • Journal of Radiology Case Reports
    Journal of Radiology Case Reports,  Interactive, high quality, open-access and peer-reviewed radiology cases.
    The "
    Journal of Radiology Case Reports" is a new kind of journals for Radiology case reports. The peer review and editorial process conforms with other peer reviewed journals. However there are significant differences: This journal is dedicated solely to Radiology case reports. Case reports are usually "neglected" by large or traditional journals, mainly due to competition with "higher value" articles (review, original research etc.) for valuable space in the hardcopy version of the journal. As a consequence, it becomes increasingly difficult to publish interesting casuistic in a peer-reviewed environment. This was one reason why this online journal was born - to give the opportunity to publish solely Radiology case reports.

  • Learning Radiology
    Learning Radiology, a popular and award-winning radiology site aimed primarily at medical students, student radiographers, physician assistant trainees and residents-in-training containing lectures, handouts, images, Cases of the Week, online quizzes, flashcards of differential diagnoses, 22 Must See Diagnoses and “most commons” lists, primarily in the areas of chest, GI, GU, pediatric, cardiac, and bone radiology.
  • Martindale's Health Science Guide 2008
    Martindale's Health Science Guide 2012, MARTINDALE'S THE "VIRTUAL" ~ MEDICAL CENTER and RADIOLOGY CENTER
  • MDCT.net
    MDCT.net,  is a continually updated reference website offering scientific information to all professionals involved in or interested in multidetector computed tomography technology and practice. The website aims at keeping the radiology community updated on recent developments, at providing information that may improve standards of practice, and at promoting the worldwide dissemination of relevant guidelines and scanning protocols.
  • MDCT
    MDCT, A new Australian site who's mission is to improve the standards of delivery and practice of Computed Tomography examinations throughout Australia and the world by acting as the gateway between national and international organizations which promote Quality Patient Care, Education and Research Computed Tomography.
  • Medicexchange
    Medicexchange - Radiology News  Leading Radiology News, Articles, Research, Jobs, Education, Conference Coverage and Products from visualization to computer aided detection from leading manufactures in the medical imaging industry. A global community for radiology professionals and related medical imaging members and researchers from around the world.
  • Mirada Medical
    Mirada Medical, Mirada's world first fully functioning fusion case presentation tool is now available for free download from this website. Casebook by Mirada Medical is the world’s first easy to use, fully interactive, completely free and professionally developed medical image and fusion image viewer designed to be used with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Casebook features include interactive windowing, zoom, transparency and slice navigation, triangulated MPR views, bookmarks and any modality combination fused views.
  • MedPix
    MedPix™, Peer Reviewed Teaching File Cases and Medical Image Database from MedPix™. MedPix has, 33580 Registered Users, 50525 Images with Captions and Meta-data, 11197 Peer Reviewed and Approved Teaching File Cases, 6719 Approved Disease Topics, and also offers CME (unfortunately not CHE or CE) for our COW cases.
  • 40 Incredible Online Radiology Tutorials
    Med-ucation Blog, by Miranda on Oct 18, 2011, Are you interested in a radiology career? If so, you will need to keep up with the latest techniques and technology in the field. Whether you are just starting out with your education to become a radiologist, or whether you have years of experience, it can help to brush up on what is happening in the world of radiology. In order to keep you stay up to date, it can help to make use of the many tutorials that are available.  The Internet is a great place to find helpful information about a career as a radiographer, as well as the latest radiology advancements. If you are looking for help on different techniques, as well as information on reading the images you see, online tutorials can be quite helpful. Here are 40 great online radiology tutorials that can help you reach your goals.
  • MyRadroom
    Welcome to MyRadroom.com, Our Mission To You, Creating a forum for medical imaging professionals to network. Providing information, allowing discussion and encouraging exploration on relevant topics with others in the industry. Enable opportunities to ask questions and get answers from professionals sharing actual experiences on techniques, procedures and technology.
  • Ohio Radiologic License
    Ohio Radiologic License,  Radiologic licenses are issued for these license categories: General X-ray Machine Operator, Radiographer, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and Radiation Therapy Technologist.
  • Online Radiology Schools
    Online Radiology Schools, This site offers one of the most extensive listings of radiology degree programs available.
  • RN Students
    Online Nursing Schools and Nursing Jobs,  (Links Partner) Find resources related to online nursing schools - info, help, forums and more.
  • Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists
    OSRT, Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists, Vision of the OSRT The OSRT will promote the excellence of professionals in medical imaging
    and radiologic science.
  • Pb Markers
    Pb Markers
    We carry the largest line of x-ray lead markers on the world wide web.
  • Pennsylvania Society of Radiologic Technologists
    Pennsylvania Society of Radiologic Tecnologists Welcome to the PSRT! The Pennsylvania Society of Radiologic Technologists recognizes the importance for R.T.'s to network with others to promote our professions, share new technologies, and support education as new technologies enter the field. We continue to grow - please join us to advance the professions radiologic technology and its specialties.
  • Practitioner Jobs
    Practitioner Jobs, With the aging population, government’s passing of public healthcare, and hundreds of Medically Underserved Areas (MAUs) across the country, the demand for practitioners is greater today than at any point in American history. When looking at the career growth over next 10 years: Physician Assistants 27%, Nurse Practitioners 23%, CRNAs 23%, Primary Care Physicians 14%. Here at PractitionerJobs.com we aim to provide the best practitioners to Hospitals, Clinics, Independent Practices, Community Health Centers, and Recruiters. As a practitioner, our goal is to provide an extensive network of employers. Our network is strong and deep among the healthcare community.
  • Radiation Passport
    The purpose of Radiation Passport is to educate about the radiation and cancer risks associated with medical imaging exams and procedures that physicians (and dentists) want you to undergo, to keep track of radiology and imaging-related exams and procedures, and to provide an estimate of risk of developing cancer because of this radiation. This Application is for the Apple iPhone/iPhone 3G or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
  • Radiology Channel
    Radiologychannel - Your Radiology Community, Physician-developed and -monitored radiology information written for consumers. Comprehensive information about imaging tests and related conditions plus videos and other resources.
  • Radiology Schools and Careers
    Radiology Schools and Careers, The mission of Radiology-Schools.com is to provide a trustworthy and comprehensive informational "hub" for existing radiology professionals, recent graduates, and those thinking about getting started in the profession to understand the many educational and career options.
  • Radiology Teacher
    Radiology Teacher, Teaching files are an essential ingredient in residency education. The online program Radiology Teacher was developed to allow the creation of interactive and customized teaching files in real time. Online access makes it available anytime and anywhere, and it is free of charge, user tailored, and easy to use. No programming skills, additional plug-ins, or installations are needed, allowing its use even on protected intranets. Special effects for enhancing the learning experience as well as the linking and the source code are created automatically by the program. It may be used in different modes by individuals and institutions to share cases from multiple authors in a single database. Radiology Teacher is an easy-to-use automatic teaching file program that may enhance users’ learning experiences by offering different modes of user-defined presentations.
  • Radiology Technologist Salary
    Radiology Technician Salary, Radiology Technician Salary provides reliable and accurate information about Radiology Technician and Radiologic Technologist salary. Hopefully this website gives you the answer you’re looking for. You can contact us via “Contact” page. Thank you so much.
  • RadiologyTube
    Radiology Tube Radiology Videos and Answers to Commonly Asked Radiology Questions.
  • Radiography Reporting
    RADIOGRAPHY REPORTING,  Emma Hopewell's site is dedicated to x-rays and all they entail. She is a Radiographer based in the United Kingdom who has been in the business for approximately 10 years. She has worked in various hospitals around the UK and has had a varied experience including major orthopedics work and also cardiac work.
  • Radiography Review
    Radiography Review,  At RadiographyReview.com we help learn the basic concepts of radiology by discussing technique, positioning and other topics related to the career field. Feel free to browse our pages and come back often as we are constantly updating the website with new information, quizzes and tests. This site was developed by a senior radiography student to share with other students in the radiology community. Please consider visiting this well developed website.
  • Radiolopolis 
    The purpose of this Radiology community is to create a possibility, where most of the needs of radiologists, residents, medicals students, technologists and industry can be melted within one central Radiology network. It is based on a "taking and giving" principle, where you share your knowledge and others do the same.
  • Radiopaedia
    Radiopaedia , A new project has started to create a wikipedia like site just for Radiology. You can all contribute to this generation's Dahnert, Primer, Brant & Helms, Grainger and Allison, Medcyclopaedia, eMedicine, statDx all rolled into one. Currently there are ~340 article, growing everyday. It is free to use, and all content is under creative commons license.. so you can use it in powerpoint presentations etc.. Submit your great cases so that we can all use them as resources. Creating a login is free. Editing is easy (built on mediawiki, the same software wikipedia is built on).
  • radRounds
    radRounds, Linking radiologists to each other and new opportunities in radiology / business / industry. Membership restricted to radiologists, recruiters, and industry leaders.
  • RTStudents
    RT Students Medical Imaging, (Link Partner) With over twenty years in radiology management and radiography education, the staff of RT Students.com is dedicated to helping you successfully complete your degree in the field of radiology or another medical imaging modality. Within our pages you will find the best radiology links and resources to help you with your radiology and medical imaging courses. In addition, RT Students.com features medical imaging job listings and career information that will help you locate that perfect radiology job upon graduation.
  • ScrubsDaddy Uniforms and TShirts
    ScrubsDaddy Uniforms & Tshirts!
    While interning in Rad Tech School, the founder of ScrubsDaddy - Jeff Atwood - designed his own line of expressive and urban graphical Scrubs and Tshirts. We look foward to constantly updating our lines and if you have any feedback or suggestions, Jeff can be reached at Sales@scrubsdaddy.com!
  • Searching Radiology
    SearchingRadiology.com, is a search engine for searching radiology peer-reviewed information from AJNR, AJR, Anatomy Atlases, BJR, eMedicine, EURORAD, Gray's Anatomy, Medcyclopaedia, Radiographics, and Radiology.
    Specifically, radiologists seeking answers to questions at the point-of-care may use SearchingRadiology.com as a decision support tool for searching radiology peer-reviewed information to improve patients' care, outcomes and lives. SearchingRadiology.com is powered by the Google Custom Search Engine.
  • Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
    Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography was founded in 1970 to promote, advance, and educate its members and the medical community in the science of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.
  • Sumer's Radiology Site
    Sumer's Radiology Site, Radiologist Dr. Sumer Sethi's Radiology Blog Spot Location: Delhi, India Author of a handbook "Review of Radiology" for undergraduates, gold medalist, has been All India topper in various exams including premedical and AI pre-pg and aiims pre pg exams, has many national and international publications. Winner of Indian academy pediatrics quiz and Schering international online radiology quiz. Sumer's Radiology Site is the winner of Best Clinical Sciences Weblog-2005 by Medgadget.
  • Topics in Radiography
    Topics in Radiography
  • West Virginia Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners
    West Virginia Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners , State of West Virginia Radiology Licensure Website.
  • WVSRT 
    West Virginia Society of Radiologic Technologists, About the WVSRT
    Our website may be new, but the West Virginia Society of Radiologic Technologists (WVSRT) has been a recognized affiliate of the ASRT since April 1952. Area and regional societies formed, especially during the years of our licensure legislation. Over time, most have dissolved but our state organization has remained viable and continues today.
  • XRay Grafix
    Xray Grafix (Also) XrayTees,  Suppliers of Radiology Gifts, Radiology Shirts and X-ray Accessories Owned & Operated By A Registered Radiologic Technologist.
  • Xray Links
    Xray Links, Radiology web sites from all medical imaging categories. Browse the listings or add your own.
  • X-Ray Risk
    X-Ray Risk, Calculate your Cancer Risk from Radiation Exposure. The Truth about radiation and cancer. This site provides information for patients and health care providers to facilitate well-informed discussions about the increased risk of cancer from radiation exposure as a result of medical imaging.
  • X-Ray Tech
    Xray Tech.net, X-rays and radiology play a vital role in the healthcare industry. Today's x-ray technology can do everything from spotting small bone fractures to imaging 3-D models of organs. While no schools offer online degrees specifically for radiology, we have listed below close alternatives as well as degrees that can get your career in radiology started.

  • Yottalook
    Yottalook™,  is a free radiology-centric web search engine based on Google's indexing technology with proprietary relevance algorithm by iVirtuoso.  Yottalook™ is designed to provide the practicing radiologists the most important and most relevant information they need at the time of patient care.

Patients Looking for Information on X-ray Exams Visit: Radiology Info - Current and accurate patient information about diagnostic radiology procedures, interventional radiology and radiation therapy.

Patients Looking for Information on X-ray Exams

Kids Learn About X-Rays

An interactive online program that allows children and teens to take a closer look at tests like X-rays, MRIs and CT scans. Children can explore machines, hear actual sounds, see real images produced from these tests, learn how they can prepare and find out what to wear in order to be more comfortable during the procedures.

The Patient Channel by GE and NBC

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The Cancer Imaging Archive
The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA)
What is The Cancer Imaging Archive?
A large archive of medical images of cancer accessible for public download. Registering is free. All images are stored in DICOM file format. The images are organized as "Collections", typically patients related by a common disease (e.g. lung cancer), image modality (MRI, CT, etc) or research focus.

Advanced Health Education Center
Advanced Health Education Center is the premier provider of corporate style education for the imaging sciences. Uniquely focused on providing our clients with courses that cross train them in a new skill, or sharpen existing skills, AHEC is on the cutting edge of imaging. Imaging technology is changing rapidly, and since 1988 Advanced Health Education Center has been committed to equipping our clients with the tools for today and the skills for tomorrow.

Radiation Passport App
New phone application for Apple iPhone/iPhone 3G or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

Medical Career Training
Medical Career Training
As education needs continue to grow, we provide links to schools that provide free information for prospective students. Our goal with this website is to produce a simple and straightforward resource to help aspiring medical students learn about career options. All of the schools listed on this site provide information and were helpful in supplying us a basic background on the degrees and programs they offer.

imaging Biz
imagingBiz - An electronic monthly journal for leaders in medical imaging services.

Imaging Economics
Imaging Economics
The Imaging Economics Web Site is dedicated to helping radiologists, radiology administrators, and health care executives meet the increasingly complex economic challenges of providing quality imaging in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.

New Site

X-ray Risk
This site provides information for patients and health care providers to facilitate well-informed discussions about the increased risk of cancer from radiation exposure as a result of medical imaging.

ScrubsDaddy Uniforms & Tshirts!

Radiology Technologist Salary
Radiology Technician Salary
provides reliable and accurate information about Radiology Technician and Radiologic Technologist salary. Hopefully this website gives you the answer you’re looking for. You can contact us via “Contact” page. Thank you so much.

Mirada Medical Casebook
Mirada's world first fully functioning fusion case presentation tool is now available for free download from this website. Casebook by Mirada Medical is the world’s first easy to use, fully interactive, completely free and professionally developed medical image and fusion image viewer designed to be used with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Casebook features include interactive windowing, zoom, transparency and slice navigation, triangulated MPR views, bookmarks and any modality combination fused views.

Leading Radiology News, Articles, Research, Jobs, Education, Conference Coverage and Products from visualization to computer aided detection from leading manufactures in the medical imaging industry. A global community for radiology professionals and related medical imaging members and researchers from around the world.

Wiki Radiography
Welcome to WikiRadiography! Where all of the content is added by Radiographers like you. Join the wiki and contribute to your profession.

Dictionary of Radiology Words
Comprehensive Glossary of Radiology Terminology
From Radiology Students

Alphabetical List of Named Radiolographic Projections
From Nick's Radiography Page.


Aunt Minnie Forums

Aunt Minnie Forums

Radiology Forums

Talk about multiple radiology and medical imaging topics.

As a radiology professional, you will have to make many decisions regarding your patients' health, safety, and privacy. Knowledge of what the profession considers good and proper ethical practice can ensure that you do the right thing.
ASRT Code of Ethics
ARRT Standards of Ethics (in PDF format)
The ARRT also provides answers to

Frequently Asked Questions about its Standards of Ethics

Technologist Blogroll

Medical Imaging Techniques
Welcome! This shared space is a Blog with radiologic description. Geared primarily to students and radiographers, with content of interest to health professionals related to medical imaging area. Stories, pictures, videos and original articles to learn or keep up. (Spanish) Use translator.

Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic MRI 

Topics in Radiography

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